Octoprint to monitor my 3d prints


Im new to 3d printing and would like to leave my printer running while at work to get longer prints done... however I would like to watch over it and stop it if a print goes wrong ...

Is it possible to use octoprint to monitor the prints when printing directly from the SD card rather than printing through octoprint? also would it be able to stop the print if I see that there is a print failure ?

Regarding Raspberry pi , is the raspberry pi 4 2gb ram sufficient , or do I have to go for the 8gb model ?
Cheers !!

Yes, but you do lose some of the features (especially in plugins) since OctoPrint hasn't really got an idea what's going on beyond the status of the print.

If you press cancel, yes!

500mb RAM is sufficient, 2GB is more than enough. Maybe if you install other things, but 2GB is still plently.

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THANKS !!!!!!

also can octoprint shut down the printer after a print is completed ? ... I heard you could use some wall outlet adapters ??

I recommend you have a search in the plugin repository - there's lots of options, I personally use TP Link smart plugs but there are many others too.

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