OctoPrint UI does not show the files on the printer SD card

What is the problem?

The Octoprint UI does not show the existing files on the printer SD card.

What did you already try to solve it?

The M20 command in the terminal is showing the printer SD card files. So the files are there.
Updated to the latest version of Octoprint (version 1.4.2) and all of the plugins.
On UI :refresh SD card -> no result
No filters on the "file list settings"

Any idea what is going wrong ?

Hello @bert_van_de_beek!

Have you enabled the SD support in the OctoPrint settings?

Looks like he has, or the interface would not be showing the "Upload to SD" button.

Sure, you are correct .:blush:

Logs please?

I had another look at the SD card. I found a lot of . files (.trash etc). This files are placed on the SD card because I also used it in a MacOS system. I removed all the "dot" files on the card (under windows) and now I can see the files on the SD card in the Octoprint UI.

Thanks for all the reactions.