Octoprint upload


I have the last version of octoprint but when i want to upload a gcode file sometimes I have to wait 15 min for 1Mb can we do something to go faster?
thanks for your help


Do you accidentally upload it to the SD-card via OctoPrint?


yes, I will not have to?


Uploading gcode files via OctoPrint to the SD-card in the printer is very slowly, because every line has to be send separately via USB

Why not just upload the gcode to Octoprint and let OctoPrint do the print job?
That's the way it meant to be. (OK - in 95% of the cases)
Only when you print from OctoPrint you have all the benefits of OctoPrint, like ETA, layer overview during print etc.


ok thanks you for your help !


No problem, you are welcome