Read the documentation. I believe that I have exposed the API to allow you to toggle that ON/OFF programmatically. If you're good at this sort of stuff, you might be able to drop in a custom button on the Control tab; otherwise, just visit the Settings screen.

I actually read the documentation you wrote but i am no developer, just a 3D printer enthusiast looking to automate my Octoprint. I don't have enough knowledge to understand or even manipulate the code you wrote, where to paste it or about Linux commands in General.
I installed the custom gcode plugin but found it too complicated for a non programmers to understand how to put a shortcut.

In the end, i found out that putting a small piece of tape on the 4th usb connector pin is actually way simpler and just what was needed.

I am sure many like me have not much idea about Linux but are looking for similar answers. I guess that's why plugins exists.

Just a big THANK YOU to @OutsourcedGuru for your hard work and dedication, works great on my model 3B!

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Thank you for this @OutsourcedGuru. I'm just using this very simply to toggle my LED frame lights on and off with a Raspberry Pi 3B and it works like a charm. Cheers.

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Just discovered this today trying to figure out how to disable the power on my USB ports going to my printer without some silly gimmick. I dont know a lot about using github, but if understand what i read correctly there in the issues and pull requests, that support for the Pi 4B looks to be on the way?

I haven't checked in with the author of the underlying uhubctl code yet but I anticipate that he's got his sorted out for the Pi 4B by now. I suppose the bad news for you at the moment is that all of my stuff is in storage; I'm building a house during the next couple of months.

Ok cool. It’s certainly not important. Grats on the house.

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