OctoPrint Vs. Smoothieware M115 Error

How do I disable Octoprint from sending M115 command or have Octoprint ignore the response?

Using Smoothieware with MKS-Sbase V1.3
M115 is not supported in Smoothieware.

On Serial initialization;
Send: N0 M110 N0125
Recv: ok
Send: N1 M115
Recv: !!
...changing operational state from "Operational" to "Error"...

How do I either stop Octoprint from sending the M115 command or ignore the response?


Hello @Lowry3D !

It's not the fault of OctoPrint, it's the fault of the firmware: It gives the wrong response:


Yes, Thank you.
I am aware that the firmware gives the wrong response, in fact the firmware doesn't support M115 at all.
That given, how do I stop Octoprint from sending the M115 Command or Ignore the response?

OctoPrint needs those information given responded by M115 to know if safety features are enabled.

So according to this, you are suggesting that Octoprint is not compatible with smoothieware?

I would see it the other way: In this case Soomthieware is not compatible to the rest of the 3D printing world.

I got it working!
The answer was very simple.
Go to:
Settings -> Serial Connection -> Behavior -> and under error handling click "Ignore Warnings"

That was it!
Thanks for your help

The M115 command was added to smoothieware in January 2018 (see the aforementioned issue), so I would suggest updating your firmware.

Also, disabling warning doesn't seem like a good idea as you could end up ignoring a warning from your printer that there's a malfunction, such as a heater keeping heating although you've reached desired temperature, and then becoming a fire hazard.


I was gonna say, I ran Smoothieware for years and never even ran into this. Must be on some really old version.


Thank you all for your help.
I have the problem figured out.
Turns out, smoothieware has two versions.
2017, which supports the MKS-Sbase with the graphic smart controller but does not support the M115 command, and...
2020, which does NOT support the MKS-Sbase with the graphic smart controller but does support the M115 command.
According to other sources, this was intentional.
Given I have the MKS-Sbase, and Given smoothieware has build in thermal runaway protection, I have to go with the former.
At least now I know what is going on!

Also, the command M21 is unknown. This isn't an issue because it "Initialize SD Card" which is unnecessary.

You could always try Marlin or Klipper.

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That's an excellent thought! I will look into it. Thanks!