OctoPrint Web cam under Windows 10

I have set up my Octoprint to run under Windows 10 on a remote computer (A) to access then server from my computer in my office (B) on the LAN and it works great !

Now I want to set up a Lifecam HD5000 camera on the remote machine (A) and it work great when I click the TEST button in the REMOTE OctoPrint (A) but when I try the same on a local computer (B) I see NO picture !

I have the exact same string in the field "Stream URL" on the two machines - it works on A but NOT on B !
What do I do wrong ?

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Which string do you have for stream url?

The URL is probably http://localhost/whatever or

On the REMOTE machine I have this stream string:
and it shows a videopicture when clicking on TEST and it shows a stream on the "Control" tab - all OK !
The REMOTE machine IS showing a picture when clicking the TEST butten for the TIMELAPSE RECORDINGs - too the path is OK.

And on the LOCAL machine I have: and it's NOT showing anything when clicking on the TEST button and NOT showing anything on the "Control" tab.
The LOCAL machine IS showing a picture when clicking the TEST butten for the TIMELAPSE RECORDINGs - too the path is OK.

For fun I just installed some plugins into OctoPrint and now the "Control" tab on the LOCAL (my office) machine shows a streaming window with this text:

for a long time it shows: Webcam Stream loading ....

and then after some time it shows this text in the streaming window:
"WebCam stream is not loaded
It might not be configured correctly or requere authentocation .... (and then where I can change the URL and what the URL is right now)

The plugins I added are:
Cancel objects
Heater timeout

and set them up as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq1sFBgxy8o

Hope this can give a clue to what is wrong ... unfortunately not to me it could :wink:

What we know:

  • The Windows 10 PC known as "Remote" has a locally-connected Lifecam HD5000 camera, the machine's IP address is as well as an installation of OctoPrint. It can see the video stream since it's local to itself.
  • The other computer known as "Local"—presumably another Windows 10 PC—is not in the same location (at home perhaps?)

What we don't know

  • Are the two PCs on the same 192.168.1.x network and in the same building? "Local" isn't at your home is it?
  • Did you use a VPN to allow you to remote into this session?
  • Did you use a remote-control solution of some kind like PCAnywhere?
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I repeat my first posting ... and I my definition of the words it tells it all ... but I'll do it againwith some other words:
I have 2 Windows 10 machines both in my home - one in my office (B) and one in the scullery (A).
On machine A is installed OctoPrint and now some plugsins and it works nicely and I can get access to the OctoPrint server from macine B.
Now I want to set up a camera on A (and it all works nicely when tested/used from A) but when testing the streaming on B NO striming window was seen on the "Control" tab. AFTER installing some plugins the stream window on the "Control" tab comes up but no picture but show the text I refered to in my last posting. The TEST butten and the PATH test for the Timelapse picture is OK on machine B.

On both machines I use this string in the Stream URL field:

I use Remote Desktop on machine B to "managel" the machine A but just use Firefox browser to access the OctoPrint server from machine B.

Hope this helps :wink:

If you truly want our help, please try and answer specific questions that are asked instead of just rewording your request for help.

What is the IP address of machine B?

What is the result of typing directly into the browser of machine B?

The IP address os machine B is

Typing in the URL directly in the browser on machine B (the one in my office !) after some time, results in "time out" !
I think we knew that ... that's kind of too shown in the streaming window on the "Control" tab if I access the OctoPrint server from machine B.

If I do the same (type in the URL ...) on machine A (the macbine i the scullery - I would call it the "remote" machine) I get a nice streaming window - just like on the "Control" tab if I access the OctoPrint serve from that machine A.

Okay, so in the future don't try to add terms like "remote" and "local". Your machines are both local to your home network since they share the same IP network. This just confuses most of us, I'm sure. This would be like me naming my office England and then naming my bedroom America and then telling everyone that a PC in America can't connect to my printer in England.

Given that this is basically one-Windows-PC-can't-access-port-8081-on-another you should simply look at the hosting machine's software firewall to open it up.

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I agree with what he said.

Ha, ha, ... yeah, I agree too ... and ... ??

I use MS Windows Defender Firewal ... I've looked in there and see nowhere to do anything with port numbers ?

YES, I got it to work by opening the port 8081 in PRIVATE net !

Thx for you time and comments ... eventhough sometimes a little unfriendly :wink: - remember if I knew how, then I wouldn't ask here - right !

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Remember, now... I was a teacher last year and I wanted my students to succeed in life. I may seem gruff online but if this were in person you'd see that I might deliver all that with a smile.

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