Octoprint Webcam from online streaming

What is the problem?

I put in a WORKING streaming url into the webcam url box and it didn't work
Am I misunderstanding something? I want to get my p1s's internal camera to work so I can added AI detection, but I don't want to set up another web cam if there's already one in my printer
What should I do so I can get my stream to show up in octoprint, I'm planing on hosting an rtmp using nginx and stream the bambuStudio webcam page to that rtmp and using the default address to make the webcam working but it seems like it does take in streaming URL.

What did you already try to solve it?

Verified that the streaming url does work(not a link to youtube or twitch, a proper streaming url that can be played in VLC

OctoPrint can't play RTMP streams. In the standard approach, you need an mjpg format stream. If you put your stream URL in your browser directly, what is the result? What is the URL you're trying to put in?

OctoPrint supports mjpg and HLS streams. For other stream formats, you would need a plugin to view them.