Octoprint Webcam Issues

My webcam is being found by linux, but it does not show up on octoprint.

I have already checked my logs and found that my camera wants to use the RGB3 color format. it spits out this error: i: Could not obtain the requested pixelformat: YUYV , driver gave us: RGB3 ... will try to handle this by checking against supported formats. It also spits out: Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal i: init_VideoIn failed.
Then I plugged it into another linux machine and it worked fine in cheese if I gave it root access, but not if I did not give it root access. It does not work in Windows 7. It only shows up as a WSD Scan Device and does not work in any software. The webcam model is an Intel CS430.
This is on Octoprint version 1.3.8.