Octoprint Webcam Specs

Octoprint noob here. I have access to several dozen off-brand Webcams through a hardware review site, but none of them are listed in the camera compatibility list, or the Linux camera list.

Can somebody provide a detailed specification of the requirements for a Webcam, so I can determine if any of the devices I can obtain might have a good chance of working?

Thanks in advance.

Short answer: It connects via USB to mjpg_streamer - that's what OctoPi (not OctoPrint) uses to connect the camera.

Longer answer: Don't know really, if there is a 'specification' as such, maybe there is a specific protocol for USB webcams. Most webcams do work, the only reason that they are not in the list is because no one has tested and updated the list. Maybe if you try them, you could add them to the list.... :slightly_smiling_face: