Octoprint Webinterface stops working after a couple days

I installed actoprint on my raspberry Pi 3 (3 times now)
At first it works like a charm. (except the octopi.local won't work with me but I am just using the IP without a problem)
After a couple days/weeks. I can't reach the webinterface.
the pi boots if correctly it shows the all the OKs nd than you can now reach the webinterface at octopi.local and at IPV6address.
a couple OKs and a prompt (octopi login:)
It shows up in my router.
but I always get the page not found when I want to reach it.
What else can I say I tried a better powersupply 4A.
The only thing which helps is reinstalling octoprint.
I got the Version 0.14

Hi Etherflash

when you're no longer able to reach the web interface, are you still able to ping the Raspberry or SSH into it?


to use octopi.local , you need to have "bonjour" from apple installed on your PC, but it's only optional.

you raspberry seem OK , i bet that it have changed his IP adress

look in your router to find his new IP
also you can put a screen , a keyboard and log in the console
type ifconfig to see IP

The Linux equivalent of "Bonjour' is "Avahi" (In case that is relevant)

I can not ping it or ssh into it.
the router shows octoprint at the IP adress I am expecting it to be.
when I remove the power from the Pi this entry disappears from the list in the router and once I reconnect the power it is there again (after a short while for booting)

And it's already installed in the OctoPi image. It's just the device you are using to access the web page that needs it if you want to access it at octopi.local. Anything running macOS or iOS already has it installed. It's not included with Windows, though it may have been installed if you have installed iTunes or some printer sharing software. If you want to be able to access via octopi.local install Bonjour for Windows.

The above just relates to accessing via octopi.local instead of the IP address. It may or may not address your issue of not being able to access OctoPrint.

This has happened to me on a couple of Pi 3's. It seems that the problem is the WiFi power management. I turned it off and that fixed the problem. Have a look at http://www.thelowercasew.com/disabling-wifi-power-management-permanently-for-raspberry-pi-3-with-raspbian-jessie.

I have exactly the same problem with the same configuration.
After 2 or 3 days of operation, I can no longer connect to the web interface, in SSH and the raspberry pi does not respond to ping.
After a complete reinstallation it works but for how long?
Thank you for your help.

Rule of thumb: If Ping or SSH won't work, it's not OctoPrint, it's your Pi falling off the network for some reason.

Look into wifi power management as mentioned by @mcamou, check your Pi's PSU (common culprit for all kinds of issues, and no, a phone or tablet charger is not a PSU), move your Pi closer to your router, try a wifi dongle, ...

Have you always installed again on the same SD card?
I had this problem with another raspi image(xmbc) where it turns out the system crashed not after days but after ...% of the SDcard was full...