Octoprint Windows, Pause Octoprint when printer sends M600 command

What is the problem?
I run large prints that usually take at least 2 rolls of filament on my Modix Big-60, the printer is stock with a filament runout sensor and invokes the M600 filament change command when the sensor is triggered. The problem is that Octoprint does not pause when this happens and many pause for user commands will flood the system for sometimes a whole weekend until I can come back. Later when the filament is replaced, Octoprint tries to catch up with all of the commands it has been trying to send (ex. detailed progress and display eta updates") and this causes some annoying downtime before the print actually resumes.

What did you already try to solve it?
I run Octoprint on a windows 10 machine so the filament sensor plugins are not an option sadly. I've located the filament runout script in marlin and tried to mess with it but have not had any luck. I've also looked into using action commands but there is still some confusion on how to use them. I also have a Lulzbot Taz6 That I have manually used the M600 command on and it paused Octoprint through an action command, here is the Taz 6's default handling when the M600 command is used...

Recv: echo:enqueueing "M600 B0 T0"
Recv: //action:pause
Pausing on request of the printer...

This result tells me that it is possible, I'm just not sure how and im looking to this forum to help me accomplish this small task, any help or guidance is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Octoprint Version: 1.3.12
Printer: Modix Big60
Firmware: Marlin 1.1.9B

I think you would need to modify the configuration.h file and change the FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT to include a M118 A action:pause command to tell OctoPrint to pause. I don't know if you can add that to the script with a ; in order to have multiple commands or not, I've never tried it.

Nix that, I think I found it. You just need to uncomment the lines for ACTION_ON_PAUSE and ACTION_ON_RESUME in configuartion_adv.h and in theory Marlin will send those action commands back to OctoPrint to handle.

I've been looking for weeks! Thank you so much for your help. I would assume that both of these need to be uncommented? If that isn't the case just let me know. Thanks again!

// #define ACTION_ON_PAUSE "pause"
// #define ACTION_ON_RESUME "resume"

changed to...

#define ACTION_ON_PAUSE "pause"
#define ACTION_ON_RESUME "resume"

I would think you'd want to uncomment both.