Octoprint windows + skr e3 mini + ender 3

Hello everyone

I have some strange issues with octoprint, some started before I upgraded my motherboard, others occured after the upgrade.

  1. When I want to watch my connected cam I can only do so in firefox on the laptop which is hosting the octoprint server. Doesn't work from another laptop in the netwerk with whichever browser.

  2. More importantly. Since I upgraded to the skr e3 mini, the mainboard something start whistling when I turn on the printer and the lcd freezes. When I reboot a couple of times, still don't know which sequence 'fixes' the problem, it goes better until I turn the printer off and on again.

Thanks alot for your time.



  1. You can access/view the stream from http:///webcam/?action=stream
    http/s depends on your config of octopi
    replace with dns name or ip address. you should be using a non-local ip (!=127.x.x.x, ex for IPv4)

  2. most obvious would be to recheck the wiring.
    Or maybe a bad contact? again recheck wiring
    You could consider reverting the board. If that's fine could be a defective board.


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