Octoprint with Better GRBL plugin won't display position or move machine anymore

What is the problem?
I have put OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi and followed it up with Better GRBL Support. I have had it running yesterday and it all worked well. I shut down the Pi with the command in the GUI and I was very pleased to see that the Eleksmaker also

Today, when I turned it all back on, it connected and the Terminal shows no errors. However, the Status, X/Y/Z , Power and Speed all show "N/A" and pressing the buttons doesn't do anything.

I am connecting the Raspberry Pi 3B+ to the Eleksmaker Mana v3.1 with the original firmware. Octoprint (v 1.3.11) and Better GRBL Support (v 1.6.0) are all up to date.

Logs could help us :wink:

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