Octoprint, with chinese 3.5" screen 320x480 XPT2046 Chipset

i cannot get the touch UI to work on the screen right, the mouse up goes left, down goes right, left goes down and right goes up, i have rotated screen and it made no difference

i have tried to install and follow the guides, but no luck. i did get octorpint running perfect from pc browser, only the touch ui im having issues with the mouse cursor

cant understand what im missing

It sounds like this is just a matter of the touchscreen orientation. Check out this issue I created on the Adafruit repository.

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will give it another go, i did already try the 270 deg rotation. will check out and try, let you know ! thanks

It's not just the orientation for the screen, you need to also orient the separate TFT input device as well.

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back off vacation, will try that out, thanks

hi, i added the files in the config.txt, but has not made any difference :frowning:
everything worked ok but the input on the touch, so i used the easy install method from the adafruit page now all i get is a white screen

i did the LCDshow commands again and have the screen back on, still cant figure out how to sort the touch part

You can either go to school on the information provided and to try to figure out how to hack this into submission or return to your vendor's page and ask them what's required.

is there a certain 3.5 screen that will just work and is easier to install and use ?

Anything provided by Adafruit on their website works great (noting the Issue I linked earlier regarding their install script). I can personally vouch for:

resistive/capacitive versions of:

  • Adafruit 2.8"
  • Adafruit 3.5"
  • SunFounder 10.1" HDMI touchscreen 10.1-Touch-Screen
  • ele Open Frame Touchscreen 10.1" 1093L