Octoprint with ESP32 with camera


has anyone tried to use the $7.49 ESP32-CAM WiFi + Bluetooth Camera Development Board with Octoprint instead of the Raspberry Pi?


The ESP32 has far less power (and memory) than even the Raspberry Pi Zero. It doesn't run a full (linux) OS, nor does it handle mainstream python plus libraries.

It's actually an interesting replacement for the print controller board, e.g., replacing the RAMPS board, it's actually in the 2.x version of Marlin. Remains to be seen if it's the right way to go with anything above the most basic 3D printers, though, since it lacks the offboard stepper controller ability of something like a Beaglebone.


It could be the basis for a quadcopter, methinks. I wouldn't trust it to a print job, though. This could be the core of one of those does-my-print-job-look-like-the-Flying-Spaghetti-Monster attempts at image recognition, noting that it could fire off a POST to your OctoPrint instance.


I had a fire started 'cause of a bug in old brother (esp8266) so I tend not to trust those chips any more for anything important