OctoPrint with Octodash disappointing so far

Not all of OctoPrint's functionality is available on a small screen the way you want it. It's designed as a UI you use through the browser. So that means that for it to work for just how you would like it there are necessary concessions, and one of those seems to be the ability to debug anything, which doesn't seem sensible to cut off.

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In your original post you mentioned that you were satisfied with PronterFace. Why don't you install PronterFace on the RPi with the 7" touchscreen?

See https://github.com/kliment/Printrun/issues/877.

I'm looking into it right now. Thanks for the headsup!

After some reading I learned that the printer is buffering commands and when an external program, like OctoPrint, Pronterfac etc, tells it to stop it has to go through all the commands in the buffer before it can execute the stop command. If that is correct then it is possible that I was just impatience with it, in my experience noted before, and that it would have eventually stopped.

I'll appreciate if someone will try it on their setup, if it runs on Octodash, and report back if it is indeed stopping after the buffer is empty or is it just on my machine.

I can confirm cancelling a print in OctoDash does cancel once the printer's buffer is empty. If it's during a heatup comand then it won't immediately cancel until you reach the set and wait temp unless EMERGENCY_PARSER is enabled in firmware.

I think the 'M20 L' is the reason why I don't see long file name. It says in the config file that it should be requested with a M33. Is there a way to check/change it? It could be a Octodash problem and not OctoPrint.

The M20 L/M33 thing already was discussed here:

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