OctoPrint With Small TFT

Hi all,

I'm just getting started with OctoPrint and RaspberryPi in general. I have purchased an rPi 4b 4GB to hopefully drive my Prusa MK3s. Today I managed to get OctoPrint installed, and tomorrow I'm hoping to get it running the printer.

I've also purchased a small TFT for use with OctoPrint. It's this one: 4inch HDMI Display-C - LCD wiki - a 4" 800x480 resistive touch display.

I've seen OctoScreen, and I think I'd like to try running that unless there's a better option I just don't know about yet. If I should be looking at something else, please let me know!

Since I don't have everything up and running yet, I'm curious - when running OctoScreen, is there a way to have it display time remaining in the print? It's one of the small features on my Prusa that makes a huge difference.

I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone who can offer any insight into the install process of that screen/touch panel. I've never done this on an rPi and I'd be curious to know how hard it is and if there is any documentation for this specific combination.

Thank you!