Octoprint with UP 2 Plus 3D printer

Hi all,
I’m new to Octoprint and have been trying to make a setup that would allow students at my school to ‘upload’ and STL file to octoprint and the printer starts printing, however, I’m having a hard time. I have installed Octoprint on a windows machine but Octoprint fails to find details for the printer. Has anyone used an UP2 Plus 3D printer by 3D Systems With Octoprint. I have also found that Octoprint fails to get past our firewall as well even with the ssl cert provided with pip. Is there suppose to be something special you add when you start the server to allow for the ssl cert?

I would recommend dedicating a Raspberry Pi 3B single board computer for each 3D printer. It just seems to work well, consume less electricity and not be under the whims of Microsoft's software upgrade shenanigans.

Given that OctoPrint no longer bundles the Cura engine and such the expected/popular behavior has been to slice the STL files within the stand-alone version of Cura, then upload this to OctoPrint as a gcode file. Since you're teaching students "best practices" I would recommend going this route (I was a teacher last year at a software coding academy). In your case, you could slice with the Up software, so it seems.

Searching their website returns nothing for "octoprint". They indicate that the connection is via USB cable. This post does though indicate that someone is running OctoPrint for their UP Mini. Ah, but they're replaced the controller board to something more Marlin-compatible (Smoothieboard). :slightly_frowning_face: The thread suggests that UP isn't using gcode for their printer, which is the norm.

Short version: it looks like Tiertime's printers use a proprietary controller board for unknown reasons so OctoPrint wouldn't be able to add much value to this.

At the same price point, you might consider a different printer. I could almost suggest the Robo C2 by Robo 3D but it would be a labor of love by someone to make sure that it starts off being reliable in the first place.