Octoprint without any connection

Yeah no help anywhere on the net on how to use your rpi to control 3d printer without any connection at all.
Like let's say the the onboard WiFi and Ethernet both fried on the rpi3b+ (hypothetical scenario btw the pi is fine) how do I still use octoprint and control 3d printer via an os made for 3d printing, you know via HDMI port monitor keyboard and mouse? Or did I waste the phone hotspot data and download an os I can't use.

you could install a desktop environment on the pi and access octoprint from http://localhost/ in the browser directly.

I've also created an octopi image that runs as a wireless access point, so the pi actually acts as a hotspot itself and connecting to that wifi network it provides you can access octoprint.

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Thank you I've been face bashing my keyboard for a few days now looking for such a simple answer.

And as a follow up I fixed by installing chromium,
Is there a stock browser on octopi os capable of running octoprint and/or best(or litest) browser to run from the rpi itself.

that one is trickier. I personally use OctoDash on my pi with touch screen, which has it's own optimized interface for smaller screens and interacts with OctoPrint. It runs in electron, which basically spawns off a chromium browser I think.

Where is the octopi image??

The one I made that does this can be found at the link below, it just finished building with the latest OctoPrint version pre-installed.

Thank you so much

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