OctoRemote Wont Connect

Can't get OctoRemote to work. I initially got Octoprint working months ago using an ethernet cable to router. Could never get the wifi connection to work. Octoprint working beautifully for the last 4 months.
Now I'm trying to get OctoRemote set up on my android smart phone.

I went through all the prompts on my OctoRemote app on my phone but no luck. When asked for the IP address, I have three options as shown in the router connected devices screenshot below.

I'm confused about the two wifi connections. I'm assuming the ethernet connection is from my Raspberry Pi. I've tried using the two wifi IP connections when trying to connect OctoRemote on my phone with no luck. The API code was entered using the Octoprint QR code.

I've scoured YouTube for solutions which has me even more confused because one site says I should set up "port forwarding" on my router. Attempted to wade through doing that but got completely confused with the technology, the various router diffences, the acronyms and the language.

I am using a NetGear NightHawk X10 R9000 router on a newer Windows 10 computer and using a raspberry Pi 4 connection to my 3d printer.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Try the ip on your pcs web browser first. So you know which one is working.

No :no_entry_sign: - you never should do that! That's one of the big disadvantages of the missing downvotes on youtube.
This exposes your Pi to the internet and everyone in the world can connect to it.
If you already enabled port forwarding turn it off asap.