OctoScreen - a new software to use OctoPrint with LCD

Hi there. I want to share with you a new software for LCD for OctoPrint - OctoScreen:

OctoScreen is LCD touch interface for our OctoPrint based on GTK+3, that allows you to control your 3D Printer, like you can do with any LCD panel, but using OctoPrint and a Raspberry Pi.

It’s an X application that down't require browser so it consumes much less resources that TouchUI, so it works faster and more responsive.

Actually its a hard fork from Octoprint-TFT (maybe somebody have already tried it). Octoprint-TFT is an amazing plugin solution but no longer maintained.

What’s new:

  • New UI
  • Added wifi management screen
  • Added bed leveling screen
  • Preheat activation by clicking on extruders or bed icons
  • Completely fixed freezing problem
  • Added ToolChanger screen added

You can find more information on GitHub: https://github.com/Z-Bolt/OctoScreen

A short video about how it works:


Thanks, I was looking for a solution for the octoprint-tft freeze. I'll try this and provide feedback.

This might be a dumb question but can I use this as a second screen?
I use my pi 4 as a little desktop next to my 3D printer and would like to use this as a better printers display

Nice case, I didn't test it yet. As OctoScreen is a usual X server application it should be possible to run OctoScreen as a second screen. You will need to make some changes in file /lib/systemd/system/octoscreen.service to make it work.

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I'm on a longer print so I can't really test it right now but do your mean this part?

ExecStart=/usr/bin/xinit /usr/bin/OctoScreen -- :0 -nolisten tcp -nocursor
ExecStartPost=/bin/bash /etc/octoscreen/disablescreenblank.sh 0

Should I try something like :1 instead of :0 ?

Should I try something like :1 instead of :0

Maybe, but I think you will have to play with some extra xinit params.