Octoscreen Hyperpixel 4.0 touch keeps restarting

I've installed a Hyperpixel 4.0 touch screen on my raspberry p3 and for some reason the screen keeps restarting/ refreshing, I don't think the p3 is restarting as it stays connected to my printer and PC.
I'm new to this just let me know if I need to upload any logs etc ( and how to!)
many thanks


Hey :slight_smile:

How does this restarting look like?
A short video might help us :slight_smile:

Hopefully the link works!

yeah something is definitely crashing. I guess either the display server or octoscreen.

How much gpu memory did you assign?

Oh...., I didn't. I'm new to this and just followed a youtube guide.

Not sure if this helps?

pi error.log (27.3 KB)

Alright octoscreen got some error (I think it can't establish a connection to octoprint) and restarts itself after 10 seconds.

Just to be sure - are you running octopi on this pi?

Yes I'm running Octopi

I have done a clean install on my Raspberry and Octiprint. reinstalled the touch screen and all is working now!

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