Official Pi 7" screen

Installed an official Pi 7" touchscreen on my Pi 4B with Octoprint but when I rebooted the Pi the screen showed all the bits loading and ended with the Octoprint login instead of the GUI that I expected. Octoprint still works fine if accessed via my phone or laptop and tuns the printer the same as always, just no GUI on the toucscreen.

I've read many different 'solutions' to this issue, updated Octoprint via SSH, tried TouchUI plugin, tried setting Octoprint to boot into console with no password.... They can't even agree on which of the four jumpers need to be attached during installation. AARG!!

Next? Am I going to have to install a keyboard on the Pi/touchscreen and log in every time the Pi is rebooted? I sure hope not.

Your expectations were wrong. OctoPi, the image you probably used to set up your Raspberry Pi, is not configured by default to show an interface on a connected screen. It just starts OctoPrint, which is accessible through webbrowsers on the network.

You can install a webbrowser on the Raspberry Pi to show the interface on the local screen, but additional steps are required. "setting Octoprint to boot into console with no password" is not one of those steps. After installing installing the desktop environment (using sudo scripts/install-desktop), the raspberry pi should boot into the desktop environment. After that you would still need to set up a browser that automatically launches and accesses the OctoPrint web interface.

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Thanks. Working on getting a cheap keyboard so that I can get past that login. All my home pc's are notebooks.

even though i have Octoprint on my Raspberry pi i had to install extra things to get my screen to work. I followed this and also this for the Octopi touchscreen

Also, I SSH in to pi from my pc using putty without having a keyboard for my raspi

I hope this helps