Old version of octo pi

I need older version of oct pi. I have a raspberry pi b+. I cant seem to find a image to download. The current version only gets so far, and then the keyboard doesn't work. I try with another, and both are fine.
Yes i am late to party, but havent got around to do it till now. Does any one know any links for older versions. If not, would a pi zero be better? As i have a few of these.
I dont really want to shell out on new hardware. If I do haft to, what is the minimum to run octo pi? As i can always buy a second hand one here in the uk. Thanks for reading and hopefully helping Lee

You can get the last 0.17 image, which had octoprint 1.3.12 by default IIRC.

OctoPi 0.18 worked on my Pi B+ I think, but it has been a while since I used that. It should work fine.

I forgot to say thank you to you both. I did download the files, but eventually decide to get a [Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2 (1GB RAM). Couldnt be dealing with not being able to stream the video and record the print.

Just for the record, all OctoPi releases so far have been backwards compatible, so there's not a single pi version that you'd need an old version of OctoPi to run on.

I only wanted a older version, because at the time i was going to try and run it off my old pi b+. But came to decision that i wanted to stream video, well, time-lapse. So I opted for a pi 3.
All setup and working great. Printed a case. Mind the thin connecting pillars has snap off(thin walls). I think i am going to get aluminium one, when i can find a good price for one. But also concern it might interfere with wifi. Does anyone know if it does?

I also might be buying another pi 3 for retropi. Looking at those call snes cases. Seen one for 12.99

I use that case on a pi 4 - never noticed any wifi issues

Google for Pi 3 aluminum armor case

How much was that case? Do you know how much they can be had for(metal ones)?
Does the case being metal interfere with the wifi signal? I have look at the traditional box chassis, or ones with round holes in it.

as I said - I never noticed any wifi issues

I didn't compare the signal strength with and without a case tho.

How much dud you pay for that one?

Not quite sure. I bought it pretty much when then the pi 4 was released.
Something between 10€ and 15€.

Ok thanks. Ive seen it for a good price. Does it come with the two fans as a kit? I ask that, as i know some show photos, but what you get when you purchase it, could be very different. Optional extras

There is a version with and without fans.
The fan version got a recess for the fans and the fans are included.

I don't think that you need the fan version - the pi 3 doesn't get that hot and it got plenty of passive cooling area.

The one I saw one ebay is for £7.99 including p&p. Which includes the fans.
Dont think I need them for octpi mind.

Do you know if the GeeekPi Retro Gaming Nes3Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+ are any good?
Like i said previously. I was thinking of buying another and putting this in that. For my retro game playing.

Sorry no idea.