On-server slicing options

What are the current slicing options for octoprint? I am super disappointed that someone decided to remove the cura 15 support. I mean, I get it. I even do not disagree with the logic behind it. But on-server slicing is basically the primary reason I use octoprint. I use an actual alternative OS, not simply another linux distro, and there are basically zero working slicers (which is kind of ridiculous considering freecad runs great, do cura devs go out of their way to make their code nonportable or what)

So here I am clinging to an older octoprint that still has cura 15 (preinstalled plugin?). Is the plugin going to continue to be supported, or what are the other options now that octoprint is moving away from native slicing

Reffering to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy3u4DNh_XQ
You can also install PrusSlicer to your Pi.

And also you can still install CuraEngine Legacy
And this: Full-featured Slicer

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If you've ever tried to create a build platform for Cura you would realize how amazingly complex it has become. I don't think it's a matter of thinking about creating code which isn't portable.

It's similar to Intuit trying to hire people from different backgrounds for QuickBooks development and having all sorts of mismatched network code which in the end is a nightmare and works badly in their case.