Only the temperature info is being pulled from my Mk3, no file, time elapsed, time remaining, etc


I have 2 Prusa Mk3's. Both have recently installed Rasp Pi Zero W's with identical setups (except IP). Trying to get the Pi's up and running so I can check on the prints while I'm away. The first Rasp Pi will run for about 15 minutes, disconnect from the network, and then never reconnect until rebooted. Very irritating. The other seems to work fine. But not the problem I'm here about today.

Both instances of Octoprint only pull the temp information. All of the other data is blank. The "state" says operational, but none of the other information fills out during a print. I don't even know what to try to troubleshoot. Is there a log to look at? The RPI setting on the printer is enabled.