OP & Ultimaker 2+

Good day fellow printers!

At the moment i try to set up Octoprint with my Ultimaker 2+, but i don´t find any generall infos about custom settings and else i need to make, so i can use it.

What i want to know are following things:

1: Do i need to change the G-Code Variant in the machine settings at CURA to something other than "Ultimaker 2", like Marlin or RepRap?
Also, do i need to edit the custom g-code window as well then, or can i leave it like it is?

2: Do i need to edit custom settings in OctoPrint as well for this printer?
If yes, where do i find them?

It is very important for me to get it right at the first try, because with my first printer, i had too many problems with Octoprint, but that´s now about two years back.

3: What kind of usb cables or what producer of them is recommended?
Are ANKER ones are a good choice? I don´t want to save money on the wrong end.

Thanks in advance!

This video is long and slow, but fairly informative:

Thx, that confirmed my thoughts about changing the g-code variant to marlin!
Looks like nothing to change in OP itself, at least he doesn´t mention anything.

Note that though the video doesn't show it, the OctoPrint Connection plugin will warn you if you are using the wrong gcode flavor, and offer to change it for you.

If you want to use the gcode visualiser in OctoPrint, you will have to enter the correct dimensions of the build volume in the preferences. Other than that, there's nothing I can think of.

Thanks, already did that!

Are there any custom G-CODE scripts i have to edit in the OP settings or should i leave it like it is?

Leaving as is should be fine for now, you can always tweak things later.

To adequately use the Control tab, you should accurately describe your printer profile in the Settings section of OctoPrint.

And when you first boot up OctoPrint, you need to HOME the X/Y/Z motors on that tab.