OpenMediaVault Docker OctoPrint path?

Just installed OctoPrint on my Pi3B+ which runs OpenMediaVault.

Installed in a Docker Container, and the UI appears correct, I can upload files, etc.

I also have the ArcWelder Plug-in active.

I am wanting to find the location, on the Pi, where the Uploaded ( and converted ArcWelder ) files are stored.

The OctoPrint settings show the Folders for Uploads as

If I 'test' the path in OP Settings, it displays that the path is valid.

but I can not find this location when I ssh to the Pi using Putty

That's because the path in OctoPrint is relative to the container root, so you need to go looking for the location the container is mounted to the filesystem.

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Thanks Charlie. I just found it.
Now to make it a shared folder so I can access it from the Win PC as a network drive

The path is :

when I create a Shared Folder, then go to SMB/CIFS and add the folder as a share, I can map ( on my Win PC ) to the shared folder, but it is empty.

Have I shared the incorrect path / syntax error ?

If I go to the path in Cloud Commander, I can see the 2 files that are in the folder

Moved the topic to #support:docker and tagging @LongLiveCHIEF since he's the one with the docker brain around here. I'm still learning :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You Charlie

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Do not upload manually into the uploads folder, the watched folder is what you are supposed to use.

I do not want to upload to the folder. I want to automate a download of the converted file created by ArcWelder, so I can verify that the print will look as expected, before starting the print

There is also a console version of the arcwelder pre-processor here. You can find the latest release binaries here, though I'm not 100% sure all of the OS builds are working 100%. It can be added to most slicers pretty easilly. What OS are you using to slice?

FYI, I'll be pushing another update soon to handle an issue caused by offsetting X and Y via a g92 command.