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I've recently switched from using an Ender 3 running Marlin to an SK-Tank running Klipper and there are a few inefficiencies I'm hoping to find a way to address. I'm not sure of the best format to ask about these so am starting by simply asking here.

Firstly I am wanting to home all three axis at the same time. As it is I have to home the X/Y axis with one press, then once that has finished then home the Z axis. Is there a way to home all three with one button?

The other thing I would like to be able to do is activate the Z-Leveling command from the UI. At present I have to go to the terminal then type "Z_TILT_ADJUST". While I'm sure it can be added to the "start code" that is run before every print is there a way I can initiate this directly from the UI?

And finally I seem to need to "Home" surprisingly often. It seems I need to manually home the axis before a print begins, and again after a print finishes in order to manually move the printhead again. This not being able to move the printer after a print finishes is particularly annoying as I often want to lower the bed (raise the nozzle) by a large amount in order to remove the print itself but am unable to do so without homing the Z-axis. Furthermore, if the completed print is anywhere near the centre of the build plate I am unable to home the Z-axis as the printhead crashes into the printed model before the axis can be homed so I have to resort to doing multiple X/Y homes in order to slowly lower the build plate bit by bit.

I'm sure there are simple ways to address these issues but I'm just not sure how to find solutions at this stage.

Thanks for your help,

use custom controls and add your own button with the G28 command without any parameters.

same as above

Take a look at OctoPrint's gcode scripts section and the on print complete. Maybe something in there is locking your motors, probably because they get turned off, internally resetting the need to home first in case of lost positioning without power.

Beauty, thanks @jneilliii, that had worked perfectly!
(on all three fronts).

Thank you: :slightly_smiling_face:

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