Order when connecting?


I want to connect my Artillery Genius with octoprint soon, I have often read that there are problems with the connection if a certain order when connecting will not keeped.

What is the best way to connect and disconnect so that neither octoprint nor the printer cause problems.

My old Linux PC where octoprint runs on it I do not want to run 24/24 when nothing is printed.

Thank you.

If you're using a pc there shouldn't be a problem.

Most of the time people have to use a certain order if the printer draws too much power via usb which could affect single board computers like the raspberry pi.
In that case you would either turn the printer on before you turn the raspberry on or put a piece of tape on the 5V pin of the usb cable to prevent the printer from drawing power.

The only thing I noticed on my linux pc is that it sometimes freezes if I turn the printer off without disconnecting it from octoprint.
So that's the only thing I would recommend in your case.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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