Organising Sidebar


Hi folks,

I've been using Octopi for a few weeks now and it's absolutely awesome. I'm loving the whole 3D printing thing.

I'm trying to reorder the sidebar items though and can't figure out how. Can anybody help?



You have two options.

  1. The easy one: the "OctoPrint-Sidebar" plugin as listed here (sadly not yet registered on the official repository).

  2. The more difficult one: editing your config.yaml and adjusting appearance.components.order.sidebar, see the docs.

Even without having tested it so far, I'd strongly lean towards option 1.


I agree with that - started using it a few days back and very happy and simple to use.

Also added the sidebar temp graph so can watch the video feed and see the temp graphs at the same time


Cool. Thanks. I'll give that plug in a try.


Hmmm .... I've added the "OctoPrint-Sidebar" plugin and it's picked up the standard sidebar items with no problems. But I've added the sidebar temp graph, but it doesn't appear in the list.

Do I need to add it manually? If so, any idea what it's called? I've tried "sidebar temp graph", "sidebar_temp_graph", "sidebartempgraph", "sidebartemp", "sidebar_temp" and nothing I've tried seems to work.


You need to use plugin_sidebartempgraph. I recently updated the plugin's homepage with this information.


Forgot to mention, you may need to restart OctoPrint after saving your order and definitely have to do a force refresh.


Thanks jneilliii. That worked! :slight_smile:


I'm having the same issue trying to move the filament manager up. Any ideas?



Did you try plugin_filamentmanager?