Original "Upload Date" lost after Restore of Backup

Hi guys,

As i needed to use a new SD card, I first made a backup of OctoPrint using the "Backup and Restore" function under settings. Admittedly I was running an older version of OctoPrint when i did this (version of maybe 1 year ago, sorry but i can't remember what version exactly). Anyway, after installing the OctoPi image successfully I restored the Backup and all works fine...

Except for the fact that all the original "Uploaded Date" information of my print files are now shown with the same date, being the datetime i restored the backup. although this is logical after a restore, it does mess up my setup a bit. This since i have many versions of the same .gcode files and normally i stick to the most recently uploaded ones being the ones to use. I know, i could have done a better job of version tracking and naming convention myself, but frankly i'm always so excited to get stuff printed after an adjustment to the design/setting and so rarely I take the time to manage my folders and files rigorously... So now my somewhat chaotic mind is hoping there is a way to get the original "Uploaded Date" back in here.

I do see in the backup zipfile that each file folder contains a ".metadata.json" file. With Notepad++ (on my windows pc) i can find something that resembles the uploaded date, being "timestamp". This looks to be in unix format, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem to convert back to human datetime. I could backout these timestamps and create my own "administration" manually as a reference, however it would be much more convenient if there is a way to override the "Uploaded Date" on my OctoPrint site. Is there a way to do this?

My setup:
I'm using OctoPrint Version 1.4.0 on OctoPi version 0.17.0, running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3

Maybe the unzipping done by OctoPrint doesn't restore the timestamps of the files. The cli-command unzip restores the timestamps of regular files. I would unzip the backup manually with unzip into a temporary directory and move the uploaded files into the real OctoPrint directory. Maybe this would help.