Ortur 20W laser cutter + LightBurn + OctoPi

Dear makers,
I’ve just bought an ORTUR 20W laser cutter, their new “most powerful” version (real laser power shoud be 5.5W).

My objective is having the laser cutter working on my balcony, outside (for fumes), and controlling it remotely, from my Studio via wifi.
Normally the ORTUR cutter connects via USB to my Macbook with LightBurn.

My target is to keep on defining the gcode on my Mac and them send via wifi to OctoPi (RPi4) connected via usb to the ORTUR laser. Yet monitoring the print, even better if via a mounted camera.

Might you pls advise me on feasibility and, if possible, with a reasonably clear guide.

Many thnks

So I don't know anything about this plugin specifically but remembered running across it during one of my random github searches for OctoPrint. If I understand correctly, it's a plugin that will completely take over the OctoPrint UI and is geared toward laser cutters.

Not sure if it requires the special fork that looks a little behind though.

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You might make a query in the Lightburn forum as well. There are a number of people who connect to their lasers via the network. In general, WiFi is bad for latency/jitter reasons. I do computerized Christmas lighting and people who try WiFi notoriously run into lag/busy problems. So if you want to use the laser control part of lightburn (start, frame, etc), you may have to leverage something like Octoprint that provides a smarter intermediary. I have generated gcode for Marlin using Lightburn and uploaded that to an SD card via one of the wifi SD emulators. That works well.

On a slightly different note, I would caution against unattended laser work. There have been a number of cases where people got too casual about monitoring and burned down their shop/house.


thanks for the prompt answers.
I think the RPi on laser side (usb connected) should, yes, act as a smart intermediary: and this is why I was considering OctoPrint on a Pi. Yet... I’ve to receive the Ortur on next tuesday and so... not possible yet to try it out.
Just wanted to know if Lightburn on MacOS + Octoprint on Pi4 (wifi connected) could work, and then after Octoprint could talk with the Ortur via USB to offer the remote control scenario.

PS: I’ve a Glowforge Pro at work and I absolutely care the security behind, even more for an uncovered laser (even if less powerful). Thanks for the mention, nonetheless!

How did this turn out for you? I also have the 20w ortur and am interested in remote control.

Hi @Jlm70 - curious to hear how you did solve this? Thinking about to do the same setup. Thanks for your input.

Also looking to do the same

What I did was setup another PC in the garage, hooked the camera up to it and now I just RDP into the computer to do my prints.

I run 2 3d printers and one laser engraver off of one Raspberry Pi 4. Octoprint_deploy sets up multiple instances and saves the cameras and printers to each individual instance. Like octoprint.local/example_of_instance_name_one/ <‐‐ the trailing slash is important

I use found this on the plugin manager under "engraver".

Works pretty good lol. I dont have cameras yet🤣..priorities lol...