OV5647 Webcam Night Vision

Is there anyway to control the IR sensor on the OV5647 Webcam? I looked everywhere. Even in octopi.txt. The camera automatically switches when the room is completely dark. But in the day time with a little bit of light coming through it does not switch over. I can barely see the printer without it on. I messed with it yesterday and if I turn the camera enough it will turn on but then half the build plate is cut off. I am looking to turn maybe the sensitivity on the sensor or be able to manually turn it on if possible. Thank you for any help.


Try the camera settings plugin:

If it isn't exposed there, then it probably doesn't report these capabilities to the OS.

Thank you. I actually just installed that a few minutes ago. I did not find an option for the IR sensor. But I was able to turn up the brightness. I think I am gonna try and make a little over hang around the sensor to block the light a little and see if that helps. Thank you.

Have you found the on/off ir button, i am looking too.