Overheating or low Voltage message - wrong

Always got an overheating or low Voltage-Message in Octoprint-Dashboard

This is not right - I am using an 3A Power-Supply an tested different cables. Also I checked the current with an USB-Meter.
Overheating is also not right - using active cooling with a fan and checked the temperature with an thermal-camera and with vcgencmd

vcgencmd measure_temp

vcgencmd measure_volts core

vcgencmd measure_volts sdram_c

vcgencmd measure_volts sdram_i

vcgencmd measure_volts sdram_p

Is it possibel to disable the message - i am not able to install plugins.

Version: 1.3.12 / 0.15.1 on raspberry pi 3B Rev 1.2
thx for help

vcgencmd measure_volts core
vcgencmd measure_temp
/usr/bin/vcgencmd get_throttled

On my Raspberry Pi 3B v1.2, for what it's worth. And mine was throwing an overheating warning with a CPU capped message since the Pi moved with respect to the fan's position in the bottom of the printer.

Just disable the Pi support in the settings if you think it's wrong.

Many Thx to PrintedWeezl - disabled the Pi support - now i am able to install plugins.