Passive login failed

Passive login failed

Browser's error console:
Loading error: Passive login failed. Please check prior messages and 'octoprint.log' for possible reasons.




Octoprint as a addon on in Home Assistant

We need a systeminfo bundle

I got this error, if I do an update to 1.8.6, with 1.7.2 it works.

In 1.7.2 there is also a message:

Info: Firmware Development Build

Your printer's firmware is a development build of Marlin (build date 20211105). It might be more unstable than a release version and should be kept up-to-date. (10.6 KB)

Did you do a reinstall of OctoPrint after your first post?

yes, because only version 1.7.2 will work. With version 1.8.6 I got this passive login failed error.

In this case there is not possible to tell what issue you have with 1.8.6 because the logs are from 1.7.2 only.

I understand, but I can't download a system bundle from 1.8.6 because I can't login there...

For you are running OctoPrint on Windows, you should get the files via the file manager.

No, Octoprint runs as an addon in Home Assistant on a Raspi

Then you should be able to get them via SSH

That sounds like the ingress issues with that one add-on the author and I have been trying to debug on Discord in #dev-misc for weeks now, but due to completely async communication with not much progress so far.

In short: something in this whole ingress config causes issues with OctoPrint's CSRF protection or more strict reverse proxy config requirements present in 1.8.3+. Until those are resolved, accessing OctoPrint through a Home Assistant ingress reverse proxy is likely not a good idea.


Is this still an outstanding issue, because I believe I have this issue. Is there anything in the mean time while it is being fixed that I can to resolve the issue? Is there anything I can provide that will assist in getting the issue resolved?