Password issues to log in

I use Firefox as a browser on my PC, synchronised with Firefox on my phone, so all passwords and usernames in both are identical.

I recently installed bitdefender, and I will cross post on their site too.

to be honest I'm not at all sure this is the place for this post, but if anyone here has advice, I could use it.

Since then, my computer can still happily log into Octopi to see what is going on, but with my phone, it reports that the password or username is wrong and won't let me in.

What did you already try to solve it?
I have re synchronised both devices
I have typed the name and passwords in manually.
I have switched bit defender off on my phone, and disabled the VPN and still get the same issue

There are no logs, because I can't connect at all
My phone is Samsung A20e.

If anyone has had this problem before, and has solved it, I'd love to know how.

Thank ylou

Which one is it?

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