Password reset commands not working

I have forgotten my log in details for octoprint.

I have been on a community page on here and followed the commands with no luck nothing seems to let me creat a new account or delete my old one or change the password. If I try to change the password it says my username is none existent. Yet when I type my IP address in my browser it it shows me my camera on the printer I just cannot get addons or anything it says sign in in the corner.

It is a RP 3b+


Hi @Daniel_Melvin!

This my help you: I forgot my OctoPrint password, how can I reset it?

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Thanks I tried this with no luck although I found that going into my router settings and manually changing the IP address of the pi reset it and I was able to get back on. If i am on terminal and i try any input i just get the same message for everything it just says permission denied not sure why. I am a newbie I'm sure I am nit inputting it correctly but thanks for your help :+1::+1: