Pause, Cancel, and Status not available

What is the problem?
When connected, i get no info, and no ability to pause or cancel a print from the SD card, started from the printer (not from within octoprint)

What did you already try to solve it?

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

i very rarely use octoprint to start prints. granted im new to this, but im quite sure i remember seeing time remaining, and the pause/cancel buttons available on prints previously. im not sure exactly when this started, but i did just recently do the update to 1.3.9. Is this normal and i just never noticed before? Do the time estimates, and pause/cancel functions only work when a job is started from within octoprint?

Nobody will be able to help you with this unless you start sharing some logs, screenshots and more information about your setup.

what additional info would you like? im using 1.3.9 on Ocotopo 0.15.1. Prusa I3 Mk3. FIrmware 3.3.0. There are no logs to share for jobs that were not started thru octoprint. I can show you a screenshot of greyed out buttons if you like...

and here is a log for a print i DID start thru octo....

Does that help at all?

when you print from the SD card you cannot pause etc from the octoprint menu. You have to use the buttons on the printers display. It's always been that way because octoprint isn't sending the data over, so it has no control over it. it's in the readme files about octoprint and has been since forever

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ok, well that answers that. i didnt read the readme... or at least, i just read what i needed to get it working. when i connect to the printer and see the terminal displaying all the gcode, i think its a pretty logical though to think that i should be able to stop the print.

either way, im glad i learned this because thats the main reason i got it setup... to monitor (and cancel if need be) prints when im not at home. it would be pretty useless if i wasnt able to cancel a print that had gone south, and just got to watch a ball of filament build up into a giant tangle until getting back to it to stop it manually.

i have no idea about how octoprint is written and communicates with the printer, but the ability to cancel a print started from SD would be very handy in a situation like that.

Start the print from SD through OctoPrint and you should be able to pause/resume/cancel just fine. But if a print goes completely past OctoPrint, you'll need to manually send a stop command to your printer.

what additional info would you like?

A serial.log in your case showing what actually goes on between OctoPrint and your printer would probably go a long way here (you'll need to manually enable that, it doesn't get written by default, the link I posted up there and the "relevant log files" link on top of every posting form tells you more). Sadly octoprint.log only shows me there were some communication issues a couple restarts ago, but nothing else hinting at any kind of problems with the printer communication that would explain your problems.

the log i posted was for a succesfull print THROUGH octoprint, if i recall correctly. i usualy only use octo as a monitor. so, if 5ft24 says that jobs started directly from the printer cant be paused or cancelled later thru octoprint, then thats the answer. its not possible, as much as i would like it to be. i will just get in the habit of starting jobs thru octo if i know i will be leaving the printer unattended.

Your OP claimed though that you "get no info" on top of not being able to pause/cancel prints. And that "no info" bit is what confuses me here, because that is not explained by starting your prints from the controller (depending on what you mean with "info" here, which sadly is completely unclear).

And additionally, since 1.3.8 OctoPrint also has basic support for detecting when prints are started through the printer controller and not through itself. That heavily depends on the firmware though and I'm not sure right now what the state of the Prusa Marlin fork is in that regard.

to clarify, by 'get no info' i meant i dont get a % completion, time estimate, etc, for the job running started off the printer.

When i see all the gcode passing thru the terminal, im assuming octoprint is just as capable as the printer of interpreting what gcode its showing me to give me some basic info about the job running. So if the printer is displaying a % complete, i figured Octo should be able to tell me that as well.

And again, if im "connected", and seeing gcode in the terminal, temperature, camera, contents of SD card, i dont think its a far leap of logic (for a new user) to expect some basic control over the printer as well, such as pause and cancel, regardless of where the print job originated from. Since you created Octo, this might seem like a stupid assumption to you because you know exactly how it works, but unfortunately for me, im completely new to all this and i dont have that same level of understanding.

So, if its not possible, im fine with that answer. If its currently a limitation due to Prusa marlin, im fine with that as well. As i said above, im currently on Prusa 3.3.0.... so i could update to 3.3.1 and see if that gets me anything. But, when you say "basic support for detecting when prints are started through the printer controller" ... I dont know what that will get me. If basic support means pause/cancel, then yes, there is an issue here because I am lacking that ability. But, if this is just not how it works, then its not how it works.