Pausing print with better view?

Tried search, but no luck.

I'm wondering, is it possible to get "pause" feature to lift a bit Z and move X and Y to ends, so there is better visibility to item what is currently printing?

And ofc, continue print where it left after pushing resume.

Now and then i'd like to do that, knowing it cause small impurity to my print.

Running latest Octopi and Prusa MK3.


Take a look at GCODE Scripts.

These are the gcode scripts i use:

M83  ; relative extruder mode
G1 E-2 F2400  ; Retract  2 mm, standard during prints
M82  ; absolute extruder mode.
G91  ; Set Relative Mode
G1 Z2 F300  ; move Z up 2 mm
G90 ; absolute again
G1 X70 Y5 F7800; mid-ish
M300  ; beep

and continue:

G28 X Y
G1 X{{pause_position.x}} Y{{pause_position.y}} F7800

G1 Z{{pause_position.z}}
M117 Weiter geht's ...

Instead of the X70 Y5 position, pick one you like. I use one where filament changes are easiest.
Also, details vary from printer to printer. This is for a GeeTech with Marlin firmware.
I tried it without the G28 (homing) for a while. Works, too. Not sure yet which one is more precise in the long run.

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Thanks, i try later and let you know how my test did go =)

Oh, and i like the newer “with homing” code.
It has actually saved me a print or two. A few times a actually saw the printer lose steps. With the reset i can just hit Pause and Continue, and it’s back to the right position.