Pc to printer connection issues

I have physically installed the PI and got it to connect to the Network. But now I can't get my command prompt to connect to with ssh. They are on the same network and I can see the PI on my IP list. I've deleted it, re-download it, even when out and bought a new reader. I type in ssh pi@octoprint.local and it just comes up saying no host found. I hooked up a keyboard to the PI and It acts fine. I have even connected a eithernet cable and I still can't connect to it.

The default hostname for the OctoPi image is octopi, not octoprint. So you would need to type ssh pi@octopi.local. If that's not it, did you try the ip address instead of the hostname?

If you're running windows you need some way to resolve the name, Bonjour perhaps or static IP and entry in hosts etc.