PI 4 with MHS-3.5inch RPi Display

Hi Everyone,
I've just installed Octopi found here on my new Raspberry PI 4 and everything looks to work fine, but when I try to connect a MHS-3.5inch RPi Display following the directions found on http://www.lcdwiki.com/MHS-3.5inch_RPi_Display, I received as final message:
"mkdir: cannot create directory ‘./rpi-fbcp/build’: No such file or directory
./MHS35-show: line 56: cd: ./rpi-fbcp/build/: No such file or directory"
So, LCD shows boot sequence and stop saying: octopi login_ and nothing more. Also trying to install TouchUI is not possible.
I've tried to update and upgrade firmware but with no appreciable results.

Is there anyone with a similar working setup?

Thank you in advance.

You might try creating an issue on this repository where the script author maintains that and ask them why it's failing.

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@OutsourcedGuru thank you for the suggestion!
Meanwhile I could install the screen following this guide

Except for the final part cause the modification to the file 99-configuration did not work for me.
So, I used the script for calibration from Touch UI official page

Everything is working well, except for the fact that x axis is inverted, but I'm working on it! I'll let you know further update.

I noticed there is allot of these screens that are very similar but a little different IC layout

Fixed also the X axis invertion, I followed the instruction present onth link below, cause the directions present on the official touch UI site, I could not perform this operation.

I forgot to tell you that, against every suggestion, I've not installed any driver.

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