Pi 400 as Base of system

Has anyone used a Raspberry Pi 400 to run Octoprint and are there any specific issues that I would need to address? I was considering using the Twister OS as the base operating system and adding Octoprint as one of the software packages. As I have my Twister OS booting directly from an SSD instead of a Micro SD Card.

There's no problems that I am aware of, other than the huge keyboard getting in the way. It should work just the same as the other Pi models.

That said, you could do something fun with the keyboard for printer control such as using the USB Keyboard plugin.

That would be so cool! Does the Pi 400 keyboard work the same as most normal USB keyboards?

I imagine it does - the plugin does not actually need a USB keyboard, but just a keyboard that the OS can read.

The Pi 400 keyboard is just a keyboard into the Raspberry pi. Does it matter if it is USB?

The PI 400 runs great as an OctoPrint print server. I recommend using the Raspberry Imager to image it as a specialized system. Just be sure to set the keyboard locale. It then comes up and interacts with the 3D Printer, camera, etc.