Pi 4B - Octoprint - OctoDash - Hyperpixel 4"

I have buy a Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB RAM) and have installed Octoprint and octodash.
Earlier I've used OctoDash on a Raspberry pi 3B+ with no problems, but on my PI 4B I can't get the screen to turn correctly.
Right now OctoDash is displayed in portrait format, but I would like to turn the screen and touch to landscape format
My screen is a HyperPixel 4" which is mounted on the 40 pin connector.

Tried applying the same changes as on my old 3B+, doesn't work.

Made changes in /boot/config.txt

  • does not work

Tried to create a SCRIPT file, for which I found the guide on this website
On the fly rotation: https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4/issues/177

How do I get both the graphics and the touch to turn 90 degrees to the right?

The touch screen orientation I've used in the past for the hyperpixel was a matter of adjusting the TransformationMatrix in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf based on this guide: Inverting an HDMI display on the Raspberry Pi 4B. Wonder if there's some x11 file that you could modify to rotate the display.

Wonder if this script would help you out, using the --xorg flag after the rotation desired.

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