Pi cam not working, what gives

I purchased a pi cam to go with my RPI 4B and I cant get it to work.
no streaming of still pics, not even a view of the camera.

dont know squat about these pi's, and im certainly no programmer, cant find any logs so Im stumped.
there is one error on bootup, says picam user settings failed to load, but I never set any up. Do i have to hire a PHYSIC to figure this out??? Lost in Florida!

With as little information as you have supplied here, a PHYSIC is probably your best bet.

Need help? Read this first! Remember to provide version numbers, relevant log files and general information about your setup. Problem solved? Mark the solution! WE NEED LOGS TO HELP YOU!

Details about what you have tried, the exact error messages, etc. i.e. Can you SSH into your RPi? What OS is running on the RPi? I assume OctoPi and OctoPrint but you didn't say so maybe you just found this forum using a Ouija Board.