Pi HDMI output while printing

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if it is possible to view the terminal output or some other status messages via the Pi HDMI output while printing.


You have more options than you know.

  1. If the Desktop is installed, you can use VNC to remote into the graphical interface (X windows)
  2. Even if the Desktop isn't installed, you can use the screen program to remote into what's on the Raspberry Pi's console
  3. You can attach an HDMI monitor (keyboard/mouse) and log into the Raspberry Pi locally
  4. You can attach an LCD/TFT screen to the Raspberry Pi and it can itself:
    a. mirror the console
    b. mirror the Desktop
    c. be a separate console from the HDMI monitor which shows the Desktop

You could write a Python, shell or Node script to report status. I sometimes run ad hoc Bash scripts to watch things on the console like this, especially while developing something.

I run a TFT screen on my printer with a custom Conky script that I've been modding along the way. Here's a screencap of my OctoPrint session along with a VNC session of the TFT on my printer. So you can see what logistics Conky is displaying for me about a particular print job that's running.

In my case, the underlying coding for the OctoPrint-related logistics is in NodeJS since I prefer that over Python, to be honest.

That's very impressive and far beyond my capabilities. Is there anything someone has already packaged? I love what you have on your TFT.

Honestly, I don't think anyone is using the HDMI interface to display status/logistics.

You could use it to tail the OctoPrint log or serial log, which should be easy enough.

tail -f ~/.octoprint/logs/octoprint.log

You'd need to Ctl-C out of that when you're finished.