Pi is not communicating on same wavelength

What is the problem?

My Raspberry Pi is set up in a room at the end of my house. The Printer is out of reach of the 5GHz network so I set it up on my 2.4GHz network wavelength. The Pi has no issue connecting to my network, that works fine. BUT it will not communicate with other devices on the same wavelength. If my laptop is connected to the 2.4 network it tells me that the pi cannot be reached, as soon as I change my network to the 5GHz network, BOOM, it works and I can access my Pi.
I would like to set up an old phone as a camera and an old tablet just for monitoring but since they are older and run on 2.4 they can not communicate with the Pi. I can not set up a LAN cable because of the way my apartment is built and laid out, I have tried.
It previously worked no matter what wavelength the other device was on, but not anymore. Is there a setting that got fiddled?

What did you already try to solve it?

  • I have reset my Pi and set it up from the start
  • I have tried putting the other devices on 5GHz (This works, but the devices I want to use are too old and don't support it)
  • I wanted to put my Pi on 5Ghz but it is out of range.

Additional information about your network
I am using a Pi 3B+

I don't think this is a Pi issue as such, but your network. There is probably some settings on the router or something that will stop it isolating the two bands from each other. What kind of network are we talking about?

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I am on my Home wifi router and network. or what do you mean?

A lot of routers have the option of using different SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

There may be two issues here, one the router as someone posted may not route between its 5ghz and 2.4thz networks. In addition many home routers don’t allow wireless devices to see machines on the wireless network, for security reasons. This is why you can’t easily go to Starbucks and see everyone on the local network. That was a choice on my plume network setup. Although they designate the one that can’t see local devices a “guest network”. Some routers are fancy enough to be able to restrict specific items from being seen (I.e. this file server cannot be seen by wirelessly connected devices.)

The solution to several of these problems if possible (as I had similar issue, as I do want that level of security) was to put my raspberry pi on Ethernet which connects to my main router. (I have a mesh network, so I am using “main router’ as a understandable label, it’s way more complicated than that in reality of my home network architecture)

Yeah the other issue is as I stated I cant put it on a Cable because of how my house is laid out. But we will see what I can figure out.

The Pi on the 2.4 can see the phone or laptop that is on 5 but the Pi can not be seen or find anything else that is on the 2.4.