PI Noir LED not lit on Raspberry PI 4

Camera model: PI NOIR

What is the problem? - minor BUG- camera LED does not light when in use in PI 4, Works normally on B+ build

What did you already try to solve it? Tesing on PI b+ build the LED lights normally.

**Logs: N/A

Additional Info:

I use OctoPi to control my 3D printer. A Pi Noir attached to the bed is used to monitor the print job. I have been using a Raspberry PI 3B+ for this purpose but I just switched to a Raspberry PI 4. I notice that after boot on the 3B+ the LED light on the camera comes on. This is handy. I know that I am booted and ready to go. On the PI 4 the LED never comes on. Does the PI 4 handle the camera LED differently than the 3B+ ? In other words, should the LED behave the same way whichever board is used? To be sure, this is a minor problem, but the LED is a useful status indicator.

This really has nothing to do with octoprint.
Would probably be better off posting this on the raspberry pi.org forums and it is 99.99999% going to be the pi4 hardware and how it talks natively to the pi cam