PI w/ Cam NO Printer

I am looking to put a PI and cam together so I can monitor my P1S Bambu a little better than the stock onboard camera.

I want to do streaming, etc...

Can this be done, and what plugins would I need to do this?

Normally the Octoprint system would be looking at GCode to tell when to do a timelapse, etc...

So... Can this be accomplished being the Bambu P1S cannot be connected to a PI.

Yup that works and should work out of the box. No plugins needed.

What works??? Timelapse plug in relies on GCode...

Oh I missed the timelapse part

Which camera are you going to use?

A usb one connected to a Rapberry PI w Touchscreen... Haven't purchased the setup yet, and that's why I am looking into this first...

Would a VIRTUAL printer in Octoprint work??? And just load the same GCode to the virtual???

hmm Interesting Idea
I guess that should work - I see no reason why not

The virtual printer is for development. It will not "print" with the same speed as your closed source printer, so the likelihood of this working out is slim.

I honestly don't understand using OctoPrint only as a timelapse recorder, there are existing solutions for that with way less overhead that are easily found online.

I haven't found anything else... Plus I have 2 other Octopi existing so I am trying to make it so I can see all my stuff in one place not 3...

Don't care about exact timelapse... just want remote viewing, and streaming as well as a timelapse... I am not trying to reinvent wheel

I would look into something like motioneyeOS or similar.

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