Pi2 and adafruit touch screen driver problems

What is the problem?

cant seem to get my screen drivers to work on my pi2b ?? ive got an adafruit 3.5 touch screen on an old pi2 b that id like to use .... i can use the screen from usual pi os but cant get it to bootload the drivers on octo ? anyone had any success

You know that Octopi is Rasbian with no desktop, right? So, when you boot OctoPi, you're not going to see the same desktop you would see when you boot a full version of Raspbian. There is a good walkthrough about how to get your pi to autolaunch the Chromium browser to OctoPrint when it boots.

i understand that but i need to get the drivers on there for my display

I don't understand. What drivers? It's an HDMI display, correct? There are no drivers necessary to use an HDMI display. Did you follow the instructions?